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Why a buying broker?

A buying broker makes sure you make the right decision buying a property. He won't fall in love with and won't get emotially attached to your potential new home. He will research the property objectively and will give you advice. You will buy like an expert under good conditons and for a fair price.

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AZ buying advice: a smart decision

If you're not buying houses on a frequent basis it's not wise to do it without advice of an expert. We know the law, market and language. You will buy quicker unther better conditions. 

Buy safe with the advice of an expert

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We act quickly so you don't have to wait

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Our fee is based on the result

Easy cutting down costs

Negotiating is in our DNA, so you will save money

Including technical inspection

Including survey of direct and long term costs

The advantage of an AZ agent

Buying a house can be stressfull and intens. Don't let buying a property stress you out. Let us help you.

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